May 31, 2009

Taking photos of your art for your records

If you are an artist you need to keep visual records of your work. You may asks “why“ if you are not selling but just think someday your art may be worth a lot of money, it can happen!
There may came a time when someone wants to purchase something from you and that is when you will need to have up-to-date images ready to share. So how do you do this? Well one of the best ways is to take photos of all of your artwork.
Where do we start? After your paintings are finished and dried take your painting outside on a sunny day. The natural outdoor light is so much better than anything indoors.
Set up your easel or find a wall, or any place where you can prop up your painting so that it stands almost perfectly upright.
I would say that it is best to use a tripod for you camera so you are sure to get those real nice “steady’ shots.
If you don’t have a tripod, use a box on a table. The fist thing you need to do is to to tilt the camera slightly to match the angle that the artwork is leaning, this is so important if you don‘t do this simple thing you will get distorted images.
A place in the shade is better than a real bright place but if the sun is not directly overhead I would put the painting in the sunlight.

If your photos look distorted or the edges and are ballooning out you need to use the “zoom” on your camera, and then back farther away from your art. This will create a more natural amount of depth to the photo and keep those edges from bulging outward. Be sure to fill the viewfinder of the camera as much as possible and then check to see that all the edges of your work are parallel with the edges of the viewfinder. These distortions are a result of the camera not being dead center to the artwork and at the same angle as the painting is.
Don’t just take one picture, take several to make sure you get a good one.
Next you must save these on a CD. Label the CD and there you have a great record of your work at your fingertips when you need them!

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